Fat Joe Praises Megan Good For Accompanying Jonathan Majors To Court [Video]

Fat Joe has admitted that he wants a woman to hold him down the way Meagan Good is holding down Jonathan Majors by going to court with him in the wake of his domestic violence allegations.

via: Vibe

The Bronx rapper recently shared his thoughts on Good, who reportedly began dating Majors back in May, being photographed and filmed walking hand-in-hand with the Marvel star into Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday (June 20).

“Let me tell you something, hand-to-hand to his court case,” Joe began while speaking on the moment via Instagram Live. “Now, as far as I’m concerned, they only been dating for a little while, and so the pastor prepped her to be a good woman,” he said, referencing Good’s marriage to pastor DeVon Franklin, whom she divorced in 2021.

“A law-abiding supporting woman. I want a woman to hold me down. I need a woman to hold me down and men need women to hold them down…you need your woman right next to you no matter what. So this woman knows the good bible. She stood with her man, he just started talking to her.”

The Terror Squad leader also questioned whether Majors will ever be able to return to the height of success he enjoyed prior to the allegations cast against him. “Now you talk about a guy that fumbled the bag legendary, it’s him,” he added. “In the Marvel pictures and everything, I don’t know how he’s gonna get back to that level.”

In March, Majors was accused of physically attacking his girlfriend and was later arrested and charged with several counts of assault in the third degree, attempted assault in the third degree, aggravated assault in the second degree, and harassment in the second degree. Following the initial allegations, several other women also accused the 33-year-old of physically assaulting them and other questionable behavior, though none of those claims have been substantiated by the Manhattan D.A.

If convicted of the charges, Majors faces up to a year in prison. The actor has denied all allegations against him and maintains his innocence.

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