Not So Fast: Shonda Rhimes Denies Casting Eric West to Replace Columbus Short as 'Harrison' on Scandal

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A report from Deadline earlier today announced actor Eric West as Columbus Short’s replacement on ABC’s Scandal.

Could you imagine “Harrison” played by another person? Neither could we. Neither could Shonda Rhimes.

Shonda popped off a little on Deadline for posting such a bogus story, saying “Harrison” is gone for good.

Deadline updated their original story with the following:

Sorry, Scandal fans. In the rush of upfront news, a release pertaining to be from ABC about an actor named Eric West, who had been circulated for weeks, replacing troubled Scandal co-star Columbus Short got to me. It turns out it was an elaborate hoax, which is very unfortunate. It is unclear yet whether Short would be replaced.

We think Shonda made it very clear — Short is out, and so is his character.

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