Fantasia Reveals How She Lost 50 Pounds + Sings Rendition of 'Twerkin' By The Cakes' [Video] |

Fantasia Reveals How She Lost 50 Pounds + Sings Rendition of ‘Twerkin’ By The Cakes’ [Video]

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Fantasia seems to be on a real winning streak these days. Her new album, Side Effects of You is in stores and if you’ve been following her appearances lately, you’ve noticed that she looks great!

She spoke to about how she lost a whopping 50 pounds and how important it is to not only eat well, but healthy.

Working out started as something mental. It was a way to release and let some things go.

I workout every day, sometimes twice a day. I keep my trainer (Sonya McRoberts) with me and she travels with me. I love Pilates, yoga, and spinning. I also attend bootcamp class and they have become my workout family. Doing it with them makes me feel good.

The fried chicken, the collard greens with the fatback, it’s good when we eat them, but all of that stuff that we put into our bodies eventually breaks our bodies down. Sonya helped me come up with ways that you can still eat good, but it’s healthy.

A lot of my cousins who are my age or are in their 30?s are on high blood pressure pills and it’s like, c’mon, you’re too young for that. I wanted to be the person in my family to stand up and say, okay we have to eat better and workout. I want to be around for a long time. I can’t travel like I do and not be healthy. You know how I move on stage. At any minute I could just pass out and that’s not good.

I’m on that health kick right now. This is something I had to do for myself and for my family. I just feel confident. If no one ever says it, I can look in the mirror and say to myself, ‘Good God almighty, you’re a bad mama-jamma!’

In other Fantasia news, she recently appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live and gave a hilarious rendition of Caramel Kitten’s now infamous ‘Twerkin at Walmart‘ video. Watch Fantasia sing new life into the song…pure comedy!

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