Fans Trend #JusticeForJanet In Reaction To Hulu Doc About Super Bowl Debacle [Photos + Video] |

Fans Trend #JusticeForJanet In Reaction To Hulu Doc About Super Bowl Debacle [Photos + Video]

Janet Jackson and her fans have waited a long time for vindication following her Super Bowl Halftime Show wardrobe controversy involving Justin Timberlake in 2004, not that she should’ve needed it. And that’s exactly the point of the new documentary Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson, which premiered on Nov. 19.

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On Friday, November 19, The New York Times released a documentary about Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s controversial performance at the Super bowl titled “Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson.”

The docu, which aired on Hulu, promised to explore different aspects of the scandal, especially the moments behind-the-scenes that led to the incident and its dramatic aftermath.

The documentary explored what went down before the performance, revealing that the original plan was for Timberlake to pull Jackson’s tearaway skirt to reveal her bodysuit.

However, that was far from what happened. As you might recall, towards the end of Jackson’s performance, when Timberlake joined her onstage, he pulled on the singer’s costume and exposed her breast as he sang the lines, “I’m gonna have you naked by the end of this song.”

Although the “Poetic Justice” star’s breast was only exposed on live television for 9/16th of a second, it marked her entire career.

While the documentary didn’t shed so much light on how the nip slip happened, it briefly showed a discussion between Jackson, her stylist, and Timberlake.

Apparently, Jackson’s stylist bought sunbelt nipple shields in preparation for the show, with JT supposed to rip Jackson’s blouse and reveal a lacy bra. It insinuated that Jackson had planned the nip slip ahead of the performance.

Following the incident, Jackson faced massive backlash from the public, but the major thorn in her flesh was then-CEO of CBS, Les Moonves. The documentary revealed that Moonves wanted a face-to-face apology from both JT and Jackson.

Although JT agreed, Jackson declined, leaving immediately after the performance. Moonves was allegedly furious about Jackson’s disobedience and, behind the scenes, worked hard to destroy her career.

To an extent, his vile plans worked as Jackson’s career took a significant nosedive. Yet, at the same time, Timberlake’s soared as he rose on the waves of the misogynistic, racist, and sexist perception the media painted of Jackson.

Timberlake was portrayed as a pushover who left Jackson out to dry, while Moonves, who has since been fired for sexual assault, was depicted as a vile leader who was out for her blood and wanted to see her downfall because of his ego.

Following the revelations from the documentary, Jackson’s fans have taken to social media to come to her defense, trending the hashtag #JusticeForJanet. Below are some of the takes from fans.

One fan wrote, “Waiting on a #BritneySpears and #JanetJackson collab where they both drag Justin Timberlake. I’d play that on a loop.”

Another netizen stated, “The way they slandered, degraded, humiliated and shamed Janet in the media like that and she remained so f–king graceful and peaceful is a testament of the strength, dignity & character of Janet Jackson. #justiceforjanet.”

Another said, “JANET never bowed down to Les Moonves and that was the reason for her downfall, while Justin Timberlake went back running to suck his old rotten c–k. JANET IS HUGE AND STRONG #JusticeForJANET.”

You can watch the trailer for Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson below, and stream it now on Hulu.

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