Fake Sisqó Tried to Hop on Someone's Private Jet and Got Shut Down

The guy who has been posing as R&B singer Sisqó at New York Fashion Week was able to get celebrity perks at various shows — but he tried to hop on someone’s private jet and got busted.

via Page Six:

Page Six revealed “faux Sisqó” bagged front-row seats for shows but was rumbled when he tried to hop on a New Yorker’s private jet, and asked to hand over passport details, which revealed his name as Gavin Barnes, born 1986. (The real Sisqó is on tour and just appeared in Vegas.)

Stylist Ramses Alexandre says he met the “faux Sisqó” at a party, and they agreed to attend shows together.

Alexandre told us, “He would tell me .?.?. he had a front-row seats for the Philipp Plein show and that I could be his plus-one. We show up [and] he has no reservations. Luckily, I know the p.r. contact, so I went backstage and they gave me an all-access pass.”

Alexandre says the “faux Sisqó” told other guests, “I am a singer .?.?. Yes that is me [Sisqó], but please keep it on the low.” Alexandre says, “People were taking him backstage to snap pictures and meet Paris Hilton and Tiffany Trump.

He goes to all these shows signing autographs, taking pictures, doing interviews.” He continued the ruse at the Kanye West, Anna Sui and Marchesa shows.

Adds Alexandre, “This whole incident really messed up my name and reputation.”

When reached by phone, faux Sisqó said, “People are trying to make up stuff about me to save face. I never said I was Sisqó. People assumed I was Sisqó. I am just really me. No I am not telling you my real name .?.?. Keep watching TV, and you’ll eventually see the real me.”

PSA: If you see a Black man running around with blonde hair and he says his name is Sisqo, he probably isn’t.

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