Exclusive: 'Pose' to Possibly Become Anthology Series, Ryan Jamaal Swain and Others May Not Return for Season 2

The Golden-Globe nominated series ‘Pose’ has been picked up for season 2 and lovebscott.com can exclusively report on some possible MAJOR changes.

A source tells us that while the show has been picked up for a second season, Ryan Murphy and the show’s creators are considering turning the show into an anthology similar to ‘American Horror Story’ — not necessarily including all the same actors.

“Specifically, Ryan Jamaal Swain is on the bubble and may not be asked back. Hearing some of the other actors are also in danger of getting axed — Dyllon Burnside, Dominique Jackson and others may not return.”

As you know, an anthology means that the second season would feature new storylines and characters. Ryan Murphy’s fond of featuring the same cast members in different roles, so we’ll have to wait and see who makes the cut if they decide to move in this direction.

Ryan said at the TCA press tour back in August that the writers were looking at a one-year time leap with the sophomore season beginning in 1989 and ending “in March of ’90, when Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ was released.”

He also previously said that season 2 will “very much involve Blanca and Pray Tell’s HIV experience,” adding, “We want to be truthful about it, because it was a very dark, troubling time.”

Which would you rather see, love muffins? A continuation of the season one storylines, a completely new set of characters, or a combination of both?

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