Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford's Relationship Is Reportedly on the Rocks, Evelyn Accused of Being a Gold-Digger


Ever since getting engaged to Los Angeles Dodgers star Carl Crawford and giving birth to the super cute baby Leo, Evelyn Lozada has done a pretty good job at staying out of the spotlight.

After a break from reality television, the basketball-wife-turned-baseball-fiancée returned last year with her own show, Livin’ Lozada on OWN. The show is currently airing it’s second season and chronicles the lives of Evelyn and her 22-year-old daughter Shaniece.

While Carl didn’t appear much during the first season, we’re a few episodes into season 2 and Carl (and his large family) have been given plenty of camera time.

According to reports, some things may have changed in Evelyn and Carl’s relationship since the show wrapped taping earlier this year.

via NY Daily News:

There will be drama in the stands when the Los Angeles Dodgers play the Mets in a weekend series that starts on Friday. L.A. WAG’s are wondering if struggling outfielder Carl Crawford — a disaster on the field so far this season — will get some much needed support from his fiancée Evelyn Lozada, who’s the star of the reality show “Livin’ Lozada.”

“Typically, the wives and girlfriends (a.k.a. WAGs) of the players not only come to the games regularly, but they all sit together and root for the team collectively,” says one source close to the Dodgers’ WAG consortium. “The two times Evelyn attended a game — both before they were engaged — she sat behind the dugout instead and had no interaction with the other women.”

Crawford, a former Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox outfielder, has been dating Lozada for three years. The pair got engaged in December 2013 and Lozada gave birth to a son, Carl Leo Crawford Jr., in March 2014.

According to our sources, some of the Dodgers players’ wives are wondering if they’ll finally get a chance to catch-up with Lozada at Citi Field, considering she’s from the Bronx and has family there that may want to go to the ballpark.

We’re also told that it’s not just Dodger wives whose tongues are wagging about Crawford and Lozada’s relationship.

“(Some of) his teammates feel she’s a gold digger after his money,” we’re told. Our insider says that there’s gossip in the locker room that Lozada should be “standing by (Crawford’s) side and lending support, especially while he’s going through a tough time in the league.”

Evelyn and Carl keep their relationship so private, we wouldn’t know if they’re in a good place or not.

She did, however, address the report on Twitter.

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