Eve Spills Details About Upcoming Wedding to Maximillion Cooper: 'It's perfect'


Eve is set to marry British entrepreneur Maximillion Cooper any day now!

Revealing some exclusive wedding details to E! she shares:

“I feel like it’s right now,” Eve told me this morning while promoting her upcoming Drew Barrymore-produced horror movie, Animal (out in theaters and available on VOD on June 17). “I feel like I’m walking down the aisle right now.”

She also revealed that she’ll be wearing acustom wedding dress by Alice Temperly.

“I did the final fitting already,” she said, adding with a laugh, “I was scared. But it’s so beautiful. It’s so different than anything I thought I would have ever wanted, but it’s perfect.”

As far as the ceremony itself — Eve’s going big!

The ceremony and reception won’t be small, “but it’s not huge,” she said. Her grandmother, who has never flown before, will take her first flight to be there!

Maximillion has four kids, and after the ceremony Eve will officially become a stepmother. How does she feel about being a mommy?

“I have four kids now—that’s nuts!” Eve said. “But I have to say they are the coolest, sweetest kids. I got really lucky. They’re really independent and just very cool. It’s really fun hanging with them.”

She’d like to have two more kids with Cooper. “It’s whatever God wants to give me, but I think with the four, two more is just enough,” Eve said.

We wish them both the best of luck with everything. We can’t wait to see photos!

[via E!]

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