Dwight Howard Demands Primary Custody of 13-Year-Old Daughter After She Films Reality Show, Posts 'Inappropriate' TikTok Videos | lovebscott.com

Earlier this summer, Dwight Howard and his ex, Tiffany Render, agreed to an update to their child support following his request to decrease payments due to his change in income.

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Now Howard demanded his ex-Tiffany be stripped of custody after their daughter posted a series of “inappropriate” TikTok videos and filmed a reality show.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, Howard filed a petition to modify the current custody and child support order in place for his 13-year-old daughter Layla Lo’Ren Howard.

As we first reported, earlier this year, Howard and Render reached a deal to lower his child support from $12k per month down to $3k.

The deal came after Howard filed suit to lower his payments due to a “substantial change” in his income. He was pulling in $21 million a year in the NBA when he agreed to pay the 5-figure sum.

Per their deal, Howard and Render agreed Render would have primary custody with Howard having visitation. The agreement said they shared joint legal custody, which allowed them both to have a say in important life decisions for their daughter.

In his new petition, Howard blasted Render and demanded primary custody of the teen.

He said Render had relocated to Florida with their child in July 2023 — allegedly without telling him. He claimed Render has “failed and refused” to talk to him about major issues involving their daughter including her education, healthcare, and general well-being.

Howard said Render had “failed and refused to provide access to the Minor Child and failed and refused to discuss, in good faith, the Minor Child’s relocation, unenrollment in her prior school or enrollment in her new school in Florida.”

Further, he said he viewed TikToks posted by his daughter in which she is “flipping off” the camera, as well “as videos of the Minor Child, scantily clad and/or in age-inappropriate clothing, with vulgar, sexual songs playing in the background, wherein which the Minor Child is making sexually inappropriate gestures and innuendo.”

In addition, Howard claimed Render exploited their child by having her record for and participate in the reality show Real Housewives of Orlando, without his knowledge.

Bravo, where the Real Housewives franchise airs, has not announced a Real Housewives of Orlando. The network does air Real Housewives of Miami.

Howard’s other ex, Royce Reed, was a star on Basketball Wives. VH1, the network that airs Basketball Wives, recently launched a spin-off Basketball Wives Orlando.

Howard said Render has failed to allow him to exercise his parenting time since her move. He said she has demonstrated “an inability to maintain a healthy home environment in which to raise the Minor Child.”

In his petition, Howard asked that he be awarded primary custody of his daughter and that the child support obligation be terminated. He also asked that Render pay him child support.

Render has yet to respond.

Howard has a total of 5 children.

As RadarOnline.com first reported, on top of his child support drama, Howard was sued for assault by a man named Stephen Harper.

Harper claimed he met Howard on Instagram. He said they exchanged sexual texts for weeks before the NBA star invited him over to his Georgia home.

Harper said he started getting intimate with Howard. He said Howard then brought out a guest named Kitty.

He said Kitty was a man dressed as a woman. Harper said Howard then forced him to engage in sexual relations while Kitty had sex with the NBA star.

Howard denied all allegations of wrongdoing. He admitted to meeting up with Harper. However, he said the threesome was consensual and no assault took place. The case is still active.

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