Driver Strikes 6 Protesters During Rally in New York City [Video] |

Driver Strikes 6 Protesters During Rally in New York City [Video]

A New York woman was booked on a reckless endangerment charge for allegedly plowing through a crowded protest with her car injuring six marchers.

via: Complex

New York police arrested a driver accused of plowing through a group of protesters, the local NBC affiliate reports.

Per the police, the incident took place on Friday at an intersection in Manhattan. At the time, there were around 40-50 protesters gathered in the street. They reportedly surrounded the driver’s car, frightening the woman. Authorities say the panicked woman drove forward to get away from the gathering, striking six people in the process. Fortunately, none of the injuries caused were life-threatening.

An NYPD spokesperson says that officers were on hand to make sure cars don’t drive down East 39th Street. Yet, the woman’s car was parked halfway down the closed street, sparking the incident. Video of the incident was captured by a nearby barbershop. In the footage, the black sedan is seen speeding down the street and hitting multiple protesters.

“I hear people screaming in the front, I look behind me the woman is plowing through. I run out of the way; I see bodies flying,” a protester told NBC. “I dodged a bike that came flying for my face.”

The driver and her female passenger stayed at the scene where they answered questions. Police eventually took the 52-year-old woman into custody where she faces charges of reckless endangerment.

The protest was orchestrated in solidarity with ICE detainees who are currently staging a month-long hunger strike at the Bergen County Jail in New Jersey.

I hope every person injured press charges.

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