More Drama! Nicki Minaj Tells Cardi to 'Write a Rap,' Cardi B Pulls Out Receipts After Wilhelmina CEO Bill Wackermann Claims Diesel Never Approached Her [Photos]

Cardi B has receipts for everybody!

After Cardi’s video response blitz pushing back on the claims Nicki Minaj made during Queen Radio, Nicki took to Twitter to challenge Cardi to a lie detector test.

She also clapped back via Instagram in response to Cardi proving that Little Mix wanted her on the song prior to Nicki.

Bill Wackermann, CEO of Wilhelmina, took to Instagram to accuse Cardi of lying and says that Nicki Minaj’s diesel campaign was created solely for her and that Cardi was never approached by the brand.

Cardi hopped on Instagram with receipts — in the form of a detailed proposal from Diesel regarding a capsule collection that was slated to launch around the same time as Nicki’s.

Bill Wackermann has deleted his post (which you can see below).

This is getting messier by the minute!

Update: They’ve called a truce.

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