Drake Says He Sold 630,000 Copies of 'Views' in ONE NIGHT, Set to Move 1 Million Units First Week [Video]

drake views

Drake told the audience at a Views listening party in Toronto last night that he received a text saying he sold 630,000 copies of his new album in ONE night.

If true, it’s an impressive feat. To put it in perspective, What a Time to Be Alive sold 375,000 copies first week and If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late moved 535,000 units in a three-day window.

630,000 does sound like a lot, but now cumulative streams of songs previously released from an album will be included the album sales Billboard chart. Since he put “Hotline Bling” on the album it certainly got a boost.

He’s projected to move 1 million units before the week’s end.

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