Dr. Drew Pinsky Tests Positive For COVID-19 Months After Downplaying Pandemic [Photos + Video]

In when life comes at you fast news. Dr. Drew Pinsky who has been downplaying the pandemic has tested positive for COVID-19 and is recuperating at home.

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Dr. Drew Pinsky has tested positive for COVID-19. Months after he downplayed the coronavirus pandemic, the former host of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” took to social media to come clean about his diagnosis.

On Tuesday, December 29, the 62-year-old shared on Instagram a photo of him resting in bed while his wife Susan Sailer Pinsky standing in front of him. “Cheers to the New Year with some Hydralyte for Covid-19. Drew tested positve [sic] day 4 and @firstladyoflove is negative. #2020 #covid19 #youlive,” the caption for his post read.

“Drew is home, under survelliance [sic] and fever is down. Thanks Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Yo and Dr. Jeff for the superior care and advice,” the accompanying message continued explaining the TV personality’s condition. “Drew is feeling better and will hopefully get well soon.”

Hours after sharing the post, the celebrity doctor offered his fans and followers an update on his health condition. “COVID is no fun, I don’t recommend it,” he stated during an Instagram Live session. When asked about his loss of taste, he spilled, “I can only taste salty… Everything tastes salty.”

One day earlier, Dr. Drew divulged on Twitter that he took the COVID-19 test. He tweeted, “After three days of fever and the Zelenko protocol plus steroids, feeling better and getting another test for flu and Covid! Goodtimes. Wishing for Covid since this virus is not fun. Stay well, wear a mask!”

Dr. Drew Pinsky revealed he just took the COVID-19 test.
When one of his followers asked why he was “wishing for COVID,” Dr. Drew explained, “See previous tweet. Hoping for Covid so I achieve some degree of immunity I could go back out and treat patients without risk of becoming sick and taking another hospital bed away from patients needing care.” He then added, “I hope you think more of your peers generally.”

Dr. Drew Pinsky explained why he was wishing for COVID-19.
Dr. Drew’s coronavirus diagnosis came over eight months after he made light of the novel virus that has been plaguing the world for a year. At the time, he repeatedly suggested that COVID-19 would be not as bad as the flu and described the pandemic as “a press-induced panic.”

However, Dr. Drew acknowledged that his statements were wrong. “My early comments about equating coronavirus and influenza were wrong,” he admitted in a YouTube Video posted in April. “They were incorrect. I was part of a chorus that was saying that, and we were wrong. And I want to apologize for that. I wish I had gotten it right, but I got it wrong.”

Well looks like Dr. Drew got his wish, he wanted the COVID and now he has it. Be careful what you wish for.

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