Donald Trump Jr.'s Girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle Tests Positive for Coronavirus |

Donald Trump Jr.’s Girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Someone else in Trump’s immediate circle has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend and a top fundraising official for the Trump campaign, is the latest.

via Complex:

Writer Maggie Habberman notes that Guilfoyle is the third person in close proximity to the president to test positive with the virus, following his personal valet and Mike Pence’s press secretary earlier this year. This news comes as cases of COVID-19 rise at an alarming rate in the South and West with states issuing new mask ordinances. 

Guilfoyle tested positive ahead of attending Donald Trump’s rally in South Dakota on Friday. She also attended Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma last month. Since then, other members of the campaign staff and rally attendees have reported testing positive. That includes former presidential candidate Herman Cain, who was hospitalized earlier this week with the virus. 

NYT additionally reports that Guilfoyle “was immediately isolated to limit any exposure,” and that Trump Jr. has so far tested negative.

You know, they say that by the time a person tests positive they have likely already infected at least 10 people.

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