Watch a Dollar Tree Shopper Hoard Dozens of Boxes of Toilet Paper: 'She Bought It All' [Video]

As most of us are stockpiling to have enough basic supplies at home during the coronavirus crisis, one person took hoarding a step above.

A video making the rounds over the weekend shows a woman stocking boxes upon boxes of one of the most precious commodities, toilet paper, as well as other paper products.

A woman shooting the video is chastising the shopper outside a Dollar Tree in Pompano Beach for “buying out the entire store” of paper products. A man is shown helping the woman load boxes of TP, napkins, paper towels and other essential products onto a pickup truck. Many boxes say Scotties, a maker of facial tissues.

“A woman told me to mind my own business…,” says the woman with the camera. The video “is going to go viral. Too bad I didn’t get her when she was yelling at me.”

“They sold it me,” answers the shopper, who continues to take boxes off a dolly.

“I hope you’re not going to sell it to the other people,” says the other woman. “She bought it all and she thinks it’s right and OK.”

“You’re pathetic,” says the paper hoarder.

“I’m pathetic? I didn’t buy out the entire Dollar Tree for myself.”

Chris Alflen of Fort Lauderdale told the Miami Herald he was in the area on Friday and a mutual friend shared the woman’s video, though it has since been taken down.

“I was actually at a nearby store in the plaza that day. “Wish I would’ve seen this in person,” he said.

Kayleigh Painter, spokeswoman for Chesapeake, Virginia,-based Dollar Tree told the Miami Herald that the company is aware of Friday’s incident.

“Dollar Tree has had a policy in place for more than a week limiting the quantities on select high-demand products sold per customer,” she wrote in an email Monday morning. “Unfortunately, the policy was not followed in this specific instance and we have addressed it with the store team. We appreciate the hard work of all of our associates serving their communities during this unprecedented time.”

A worker who answered the phone at that Dollar Tree location at 1213 S. Federal Hwy. on Monday said that there are no paper products left except a few paper plates, but they will be restocking the shelves at some point this week.

[via Miami Herald]

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