Doja Cat Flustered As Her Mystery Boyfriend Is Exposed On Instagram Live [Video]

Doja Cat gave a little more than she bargained for when she recently went live on Instagram…

via: AceShowbiz

On Saturday, February 19, the 26-year-old turned on her live to greet her fans while she was in the pool. Clad in a bikini, she was soaking wet and appeared to go makeup free while accessorizing with round earrings.

Doja came closer to the camera, seemingly to take a look at her fans’ comments, when a man was heard calling her “babe” to get her attention. She was clearly flustered as she scrambled to change the camera angle to avoid showing the man’s face while she responded, “Oh, I’m on live.”

The “Mooo!” singer then briefly showed her face again while she sheepishly smiled to the camera. She, however, abruptly ended the live-streaming session after the slip-up, simply saying, “Okay guys, bye,” before turning off the camera.

Upon seeing the video, fans were convinced that Doja was hiding her man with some people debating whether the man was French Montana or not. “Was that French?” one person wondered. Another claimed, “Yes. We heard French Montana in the back lol.” Another begged to differ as commenting, “that don’t sound like French that sound like her type a white boy! i love doja tho.”

Doja’s last official relationship was with indie artist Johnny Utah a.k.a. Jawny. Following their split in February 2020, she was linked to a number of celebrities, including rapper Lil Dicky and U.K. artist Bree Runway.

Most recently, she was rumored to be dating French Montana. The speculation first sparked in October 2020 after they were seen vacationing together. The “Say So” singer, however, swiftly denied the rumors, tweeting, “Me and French got a song coming out. F**kin relax.”

Check out the thought-provoking video of Doja having a pool day with her mystery boo below.

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