DJ Jazzy Jeff Talks Coronavirus Symptom Recovery, Says He Forgot 10 Days of His Life [Video]

DJ Jazzy Jeff opened up to good friend Will Smith about his experience dealing with coronavirus-like symptoms.

via Page Six:

“I came home from my trip, you know, I feel like I’m coming down with something,” the 55-year-old DJ explained to Smith on his Snapchat series, “Will From Home” (via ET). “Got in the bed, don’t remember the next 10 days. My temperature had reached about 103, the chills, I lost smell, I lost sense of taste.”

Jeff said he couldn’t confirm whether he had COVID-19 because he was given a flu test, not a coronavirus-specific test.

“When I went and got the chest X-Ray, she came in and said pneumonia in both of your lungs,” he shared. “People think we’re at the end, and I think we’re really at the beginning.”

Smith, who formed hip-hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince with his friend, noted that Jeff’s wife, Lynette, “called me with the panic vibes,” so he decided to give DJ D-Nice a ring.

“So I just immediately called D-Nice to see if he would be available,” Smith, 51, joked. “I was like, not my DJ!”

Jazzy also spoke to Tamron Hall about his experience.

“I didn’t even realize the severity of it,” Jeff told Hall via video chat. “When my wife and I were at the store, I looked at her and told her I didn’t feel well. And she was asking what was wrong, and I said, ‘I feel a little achy, like I’m coming down with something.’ I literally went home and got into bed and almost don’t remember the next 11 days after that.”

Check out the clip of Jazzy speaking with Tamron Hall below.

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