DJ Envy Clowns Rick Ross with 'Officer Ricky' Impression, Rick Ross Responds [Video]

DJ Envy joked about Rick Ross’ past as a correctional officer during the latest episode of The Breakfast Club amid their ongoing feud.

via: HipHopDX

Envy donned the navy police uniform on Monday (May 22), taking a shot at the MMG mogul’s past stint as a correctional officer in Miami in the mid ’90s, which has been a contentious point of discussion throughout his career.

“Ross went at me for what — 10 or 12 hours? I could tell he was rattled,” Envy said, referring to Rozay’s recent digs at him ahead of their competing car shows in the coming weeks. “I could tell something was wrong, so I wore this today to make him feel more comfortable.

“I do have a boss — shout-out to Bob Pittman, that’s one of my bosses, he actually owns iHeart. But he has a boss, too. John Vinata is his boss. That’s the Miami Correctional Facility Warden. That’s his boss. Rick Ross still gets a pension from the corrections.”

Envy then channeled his inner-Rozay and adopted a deep voice while recounting his history working with law enforcement.

“You started off as a football player. They kicked you off the team because you would stand by the showers and watch the boys take a shower,” he said. “Then you moved to corrections and what did you do? You watched the boys take a shower.”

After playing an audio clip of Ross explaining that he took the C.O. job at the behest of “one of [his] big homies,” Envy said: “That’s not a boss. That’s a follower. ‘My big homie told me to do it.’ That’s not a boss, that’s a sucker. You think I’m Big Meech? No, you’re officer Ricky. I think I’m Larry Hoover? No, you’re officer Ricky.”

The Breakfast Club co-host then blasted Rick Ross for not helping his former MMG artist Gunplay, whose partner started a GoFundMe earlier this year to raise money for their newborn daughter’s medical bills following her emergency open heart surgery.

“If that’s your brother, you take care of your brother,” he said. “I would never in a million years allow [Charlamagne Tha God] to do a GoFundMe. That’s boss moves — you’re actually not a boss, you’re a sucker.”

Envy continued his tirade by claiming that the Port of Miami rapper is “fake” and “everything you do is a lie,” and even compared his law enforcement history to 6ix9ine cooperating with the authorities.

“Him and 6ix9ine are the complete same,” he said. “They both work with law enforcement. Now, I’m really surprised this industry has never checked him or talked about his correction officer status. Everybody let it slide.”

The feud was sparked last week Rick Ross declared on Drink Champs that DJ Envy “was never on my level” when it comes to hosting car shows, leading to an increasingly disrespectful war of words on social media.

“You said I’m not on your level, but you proved that I am ’cause every sentence and every mention is me,” Envy said on Monday’s episode of The Breakfast Club. “You sleep with me on your mind. He wants to see me in the shower.”

Ross has taken to Instagram to respond to Envy, hopefully this doesn’t get out of hand.

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