Dionne Warwick and Dolly Parton are Working on a Gospel Duet [Video]

Dionne Warwick revealed she and Dolly Parton are planning to join forces on a new gospel song.

via: Page Six

Warwick announced their forthcoming project on “Tamron Hall,” telling the talk show host, “[Parton] sent me a song that she wanted me to record. And I said, ‘Okay, that sounds like a deal!”

The “That’s What Friends Are For” singer described Parton as “such a sweetheart,” and then broke the news that they will also be doing a duet together.

“She sent me another song, the one that we’re going to be doing as a duet,” she said.

“[It’s] a gospel song called ‘Peace Like a River’… I am very excited about this. I really am. I’ve done so many duets over the years, but this one’s gonna be very special,” Warwick added.

Parton has a history with Warwick’s family. Her cousin, Whitney Houston, famously made Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” one of the top top-selling songs in music history.

Meanwhile, Warwick also dished with Hall about her numerous brushes with Twitter notoriety.

She recently went viral when she teased serial star dater Pete Davidson after he was linked to Emily Ratajkowski back in November.

“I will be dating Pete Davidson next,” Warwick tweeted.

Even Ratajkowski even liked it.

“Everybody else dating him, why not me?,” Warwick joked with Hall on Tuesday.

Warwick she also went viral in 2020 after a Twitter exchange with Chance the Rapper.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about why [he called himself that], when everybody knew he rapped. What’s the deal?,” she recalled to Hall.

She explained that she tweeted at him, “You don’t have to identify yourself any longer, do you?”

“So, he answered me and said, ‘You can call me anything you want’,” she said.

Watch Dionne’s full interview with Tamron Hall below.

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