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Dionne Warwick Crowned New Queen of Social Media [Photos]

If you aren’t following Dionne Warwick on Twitter you are missing out, she is giving every bit of auntie vibes.

via: Page Six

All hail Dionne Warwick, the new queen of social media.

The 79-year-old singer, who boasts over 51,000 followers on Twitter, is making friends across the internet as she weighs in on the social sphere’s memes, platforms, and languages.

“Can Gen Z and Millennials please tell me why you’re always saying ‘SCREAMING’ or ‘Yelling’? Why are you shouting? Should I be shouting as well? Thanks,” Warwick tweeted Friday.

The “Heartbreaker” crooner then thanked fans for clarifying, writing: “I guess I’ll give screaming a try soon.”

In addition to re-sharing memes poking fun at her social media skill set, she also declared Twitter is hers to control.

“Nobody is taking my twitter away from me,” the “Alfie” singer posted. “It was a joke. I’m bad at those. See ya later!”

Warwick — who was previously married to actor William Elliott — later thanked fans for their warm embrace, while encouraging them to keep things positive amid a turbulent year.

“Let’s spread kindness and love. Come on, now. 2020 is bad enough,” she wrote Monday.

All I want to know is when are the Hussy Hoodies dropping Ms. Dionne?

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