Dionne Warwick Crashed ‘SNL’ to Sing ‘What the World Needs Now Is Love’ [Photo + Video]

“Saturday Night Live” cast member Ego Nwodim has been doing a great Dionne Warwick impersonation for the past year, and on last night’s show, she finally came face to face with the icon.

via: Daily Beast

The legendary singer and TV host, whose Twitter account is one of the site’s only pure delights, has been lobbying to make her way onto the show for a little while now—and it’s only fitting that she marked her debut with a serenade.

“I am sick and tired of interviewing people who are not icons!” Nwodim’s character said partway through this week’s segment. “Please welcome… me!”

“Let me ask you something,” the impersonator asked her real-life inspiration. “Dionne—why are you perfect?”

The “Heartbreaker” singer’s answer was deeply on brand: “My darling, I am not perfect,” she said with a cheeky grin. “I’m just very, very good.”

Warwick gently teased the show in September when she “revealed” to her followers that she had, regrettably, not been asked to join the cast this season. It appears SNL producers found a way to bring her into the fold after all.

As Warwick closed her drop-in, Nwodim made her an offer she couldn’t refuse: “Would you like to sing a song for the people?”

“Do they deserve it?”

“I think they do.”

Last year, the real Dionne Warwick tweeted she approved of Nwodim’s impersonation of her.

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