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Diddy’s Ex-Security Chief Speaks After Cassie’s Legal Settlement

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ former head of security Roger Bonds made a statement on Cassie’s lawsuit.

via: XXL

On Saturday (Nov. 25), Diddy’s former head of security, Roger Bonds, hopped on his Instagram page and posted a video featuring a carousel of photos including himself with Diddy and Cassie when he was around them as security. One final image features his name being mentioned his Cassie’s sexual assault lawsuit against the Bad Boy Entertainment founder. “Now that my name is involved I will tell my TRUTH,” Roger wrote on the image.

Another image features a statement by Roger explaining why he was speaking out now after Cassie settled her lawsuit with Diddy.

“This is not meant to be threats or snitching or anything like that against Cassie or Diddy or anyone else,” reads the message, which is posted below. “This is me telling my truth as I truly remember it for 2 reasons only[:] 1st because I have 4 daughters so on all dudes my truth as I seen it, saw it and was involved with it for yrs.”

It’s unclear if Roger is planning to tell his side of the story regarding what he saw while as head of security with Diddy and Cassie. Nevertheless, it seems that he’s going to speak his truth regarding the matter.

“I’M WILLING TO TELL MY [TRUTH] BECAUSE FOR SO MANY YRS I WAS QUIET[,]” wrote Roger in the caption. “Nothing matters now but FAMILY.”

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