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Diddy Shares Personal Prayer Following Kim Porter’s Death: ‘God Help Us All’ [Video]

Diddy hopped on Instagram over the weekend to continue his public mourning of Kim Porter.

In a video, Diddy shared a prayer for people who might be dealing with their own hardships.

“I been through some dark times and it’s a lot of people out there in that darkness, in that lost place, in that place where you feel stuck [and] don’t know where to begin for the change, where you don’t know what to do next,” he said in a previously recorded video. “God help me… show them the way. Show them the light.

Diddy noted in the caption that he said the prayer “like a year ago,” but thought it was appropriate to share it now that Kim Porter, the mother of his three children, had passed.

“God help us. Love to all,” he added.

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This is a prayer I said like a year ago. God help us. Love to all.

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