Diddy and Drake Reportedly Got Into a Physical Altercation Outside of a Miami Nightclub

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As Miami’s Art Basel weekend comes to a close, a bunch of celebs partied at club LIV on Sunday night for DJ Khaled’s birthday.

According to multiple sources, Diddy and Drake got into a fight in the club last night.

MTV News confirmed the fight did indeed happen with a source who witnessed the incident, while Rick Ross’ DJ, Sam Sneaker, gave a detailed account of what went down on Twitter.

Rumors first swirled that the fight came after Drake made a ‘nasty’ comment about Diddy’s girl Cassie — but now we’re being told that’s not true. People are also saying that Drake was hospitalized after the incident…but no one has been able to confirm that either.

Check out Sam Sneaker’s tweets, as well as other tweets regarding the incident below.


Lil Duval hopped on twitter adding false fuel to the fire, leading some to believe the whole fight story was made up.

Diddy-Drake-Fight2-e1418057571995 Diddy-Drake-Fight3-e1418057518936

Diddy-Drake-Fight4-e1418057547428We’ll find out what’s REALLY going on soon enough.

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