Solange Responds to Dev Hynes After Being Accused of Talking Behind His Back


You might know Dev Hynes as Blood Orange, or you might know him as the man allegedly behind the sound of Solange’s 2012 EP True.

The two collaborated on the EP’s lead single “Losing You,” which many believed marked a turn in Solange’s sound. Seven months ago, Solange took to Twitter to suggest that Dev Hynes’ didn’t play as big of a role in her music & sound as we thought.

Here we are today, just a week after Blood Orange’s latest album Cupid Deluxe hit stores (which is a great album, btw) and Dev is calling Solange out on Twitter for talking behind his back.

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The outspoken Solange isn’t letting this ride. She fired off  a series of tweets in her own defense.

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Before his recent outburst, Dev responded to questions about Solange’s earlier comments in an interview with The Fader this month, but all he could say was: “We’ve spoken, but I don’t know where it’s at.”

These two make such great music together. Hopefully they’re able to work it out!

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