Deb Antney Recalls When Gucci Mane Robbed French Montana of $5000 [Video] |

Deb Antney Recalls When Gucci Mane Robbed French Montana of $5000 [Video]

While visiting “Drink Champs,” Deb Antney recalled an instance where Gucci Mane robbed French Montana for $5,000. “Gucci didn’t like French,” she revealed.

via: Complex

Gucci Mane is one of the few rappers to have lived what they rhyme. While this is common knowledge for people from The South, The Bronx’s French Montana learned this lesson the hard way.

During a conversation with The Drink Champs podcast, the woman responsible for helping break both Gucci Mane and French Montana, Deb Antney, recalls a time when Gucci lived up to his legend at Montana’s expense.

“French didn’t really make it that well in Georgia,” she said to the show’s co-host, N.O.R.E. “Gucci didn’t like French. Because the first time he went into the studio to do a song with him, he paid Gucci $5,000 to get on a feature. And he was just sitting in the studio and Gucci was gone out the backdoor. Gucci just took the money and left.”

En route to becoming one of Trap Music’s forefathers, Gucci Mane made a name for himself in the streets of Atlanta. This reputation preceded him and Antney explained in FX’s Hip Hop Uncovered how she was able to broker a deal with Jimmy Henchmen to ease Gucci into the music industry. Because Antney was responsible for Gucci, she explained to N.O.R.E. how she smoothed things out with French.

You can watch the full episode below.

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