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DC Young Fly Asks Thief to Return Stolen Bag That Contains Personal Items Including Jacky Oh’s Death Certificate

DC Young Fly is still coping with the death of his partner and children’s mother, Jacky Oh, and hit another roadblock this week. Someone stole his bag which included her death certificate, and the comedian wants it back.

via: Complex

In a clip posted on Tuesday morning following after a recent show at the Hollywood Improv, DC explained the ordeal, revealing that his bag was stolen during the event.

“Listen, I really was trying to refrain from this video, bruh,” DC said in the clip below. “I just want my bookbag back. The shit got some personal belongings in that mothafucka, you feel me. Some personal belongings in that mothafucka, bruh. It wasn’t no money in there, it wasn’t nothing, it’s just personal shit that’s in there.”

He continued, “Really hate that I gotta do all this shit, bruh. Bruh, just bring me my bag, bro. Just bring me the bag, bro. The bag got my girl’s death certificate in it. It got personal belongings in it. I just need the bag, bro. I just want the bag, bro. Really, just bring it back with everything, ’cause it wasn’t nothing in it. Just bring me the bag.”

The death certificate in question was for Jacky Oh, DC’s late partner and mother of his three children, Nova, seven, Nala, three, and 18-month-old Prince’Nehemiah. The two met in 2015 on the set of the MTV comedy show Wild’N Out, where DC made his debut while Jacky was a Wild’N Out Girl. While DC continued on the show and began co-hosting podcast The 85 South Show, Jacky Oh moved on to modeling and being a beauty influencer.

Jacky Oh died last May from complications of cosmetic surgery, per the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner.

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