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Dave Chappelle Surprises as Opener for Chris Rock and Kevin Hart’s NYC Show [Photo + Video]

Dave Chappelle appeared as a surprise warm-up act at Chris Rock and Kevin Hart’s packed Madison Square Garden show Saturday night.

via: Complex

Kevin Hart took to Instagram earlier today to reflect on his show Saturday night with Chris Rock at Madison Square Garden in New York City, calling it “by far the best moment of my career.”

Hart reached that conclusion after Dave Chappelle showed up unannounced to open for the two stand-up legends. According to Deadline, the audience was surprised to see Chappelle walk out as his “C” logo was displayed on the screen. “Had to sneak my way in here,” he told the crowd, in an apparent reference to the Minneapolis venue First Avenue canceling the comedian’s appearance last week over the backlash towards the transphobic remarks in his latest Netflix special The Closer.

Chappelle added, “Despite what you may have read about in the news, I’m okay, and I appreciate the support.”

Chappelle spoke for more than 20 minutes, and touched on a number of topics involving him, including the Hollywood Bowl incident where 23-year-old Isaiah Lee jumped onstage and tackled the comedian. Chappelle jokingly said he hopes Lee gets monkeypox, saying, “Not that he should die, but his ass should itch for four to six weeks.”

Rock and Hart followed Chappelle, respectively, before the trio appeared together to determine who was the undisputed G.O.A.T., or Greatest of All Time, among them. An actual goat was eventually brought onstage, leading to the three of them debating who would become caretaker of the animal, which can be seen in one of the photos posted by Hart below.

Hart asserted the moniker belonged to Rock, to which Chappelle responded, “This is the worst night of this goat’s life.” Rock fired back, “He’s just happy he’s not at a Jamaican restaurant!”

“Just know that last night was the true definition of a “EPIC NIGHT” …..I love my brothers more than words can explain,” Hart concluded in his Instagram post. “What we did to the Garden will never be done again….We made history last night!!!!!!!!”

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