Da Brat Shares Her Feelings Regarding $6.4 Million Verdict: 'I don't know where anybody gon' get that from' [Video]

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Da Brat is speaking out about owing $6.4 million dollars to the victim of her 2007 assault incident and she’s keeping it all the way real.

She acknowledges that she was wrong in her actions and the woman deserves some compensation, but makes it clear that she feels that the amount of $6.4 million is ‘baffling’.

She says,

I shouldn’t have done what I did. It was wrong. And, the girl definitely deserved some compensation…but $6.4 million? HELL NO! I don’t know where anybody gon’ get that from. You know, it is what it is. When I start getting it, they’ll get some. Like I said, she deserves something. but 6.4 million? Shiiiieeeet. 

Check out her webisode below.

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