Cynthia Bailey Responds to NeNe Leakes' Scathing Instagram Comments: 'I don't like controlling and insecure NeNe'


NeNe Leakes put former friend Cynthia Bailey on blast yesterday in a series of photos and messages on Instagram. 

Like most of you, we’ve been wondering what ‘exactly’ is the cause for the fallout between the two — and now we have Cynthia’s side of the story.

Bitch-gate‘ aside, Cynthia says her friendship with NeNe took a turn for the worse when a few weeks ago NeNe appeared on Watch What Happens Live and said that Cynthia shouldn’t be on the show. 

She released an open letter via UPTOWN magazine. In it, she writes:

As I watched the show and listened to Nene say I wasn’t good for the show or that I bring nothing to the table, at one point I felt angry. She was being completely spiteful and malevolent. How could someone who I considered a really good friend attempt to essentially sabotage my job? I would never do anything that wasn’t in the best interest of her family. She’d rather see me off the show than to work with me and give me pure hell next season. Even Andy Cohen seemed shocked and surprised by what she was saying.

If I wasn’t relevant to the show, I wouldn’t be on the show. I absolutely believe I bring a certain amount of class and balance to the cast. There is not one single Housewife who is solely responsible for the success of the show. And the last time I checked, Nene is talent on the show just like me. She does not make hiring and firing decisions. Ultimately, that’s left up to Bravo executives.

As I continued to watch, I began to feel sad for her. There has to be some personal insecurities and unhappiness she is dealing with to lash out so viciously at me. Then it dawned on me. Nene is hurt that I have moved on.

Despite falling out, Cynthia says that she wishes NeNe the best.

Nene knows in her heart that I was a good and loyal friend to her. There were some greats moments between us, and no matter what she says or does related to me, I know that she knows our friendship was mutually genuine. Unlike most of our fellow cast members, I got the chance to see all sides of Nene, including the vulnerable Nene and the wounded Nene. I don’t like the controlling Nene and the insecure Nene.

I always thought if we ever stopped being friends that we would go our separate ways and wish each other well in our endeavors. I never expected that she would suggest taking food out of my mouth. But then again, Nene Leakes is no Cynthia Bailey.

It’s unfortunate to see a friendship dissolve right before our very eyes…but that’s life. Click here to read the rest of Cynthia’s letter.

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