Cruz Beckham Had ‘No Idea’ Dad David was ‘So Good’ at Soccer Before Watching Documentary, Victoria Says |

Cruz Beckham Had ‘No Idea’ Dad David was ‘So Good’ at Soccer Before Watching Documentary, Victoria Says

Cruz Beckham is the offspring of one of the most famous soccer players in the world — and didn’t realize it until he watched his dad’s Netflix documentary a few weeks ago.

via People:

In an interview published on Thursday, Victoria Beckham told Allure about her 18-year-old’s reaction to Beckham. 

“Cruz, our youngest son, said, ‘Wow, I had no idea Dad was so good at football,’ ” the former pop star, 49, said with a smile, adding, “It made me laugh, when I come up on the screen: ‘David Beckham’s wife.’ Brilliant.”

The four-part documentary takes viewers on a journey through time to reveal how the former Manchester United F.C. star, 48, became known as one of the greatest athletes the sport has ever known. 

Surprisingly, in an October interview with PEOPLE, the documentary’s director Fisher Stevens, a self-proclaimed soccer fan, admitted that, like Cruz, he initially didn’t realize how great David was either. 

It was only after Stevens began compiling footage that he gained an even greater respect for the star.

“I started digging around and then I met with him and I said basically, ‘You were really good,’ ” Stevens told PEOPLE.

“He wasn’t what I expected at all. He was so open. He’s like, I’m ready. I want to tell my story before someone else does. And then I started doing research and I was like, ‘Jesus, this guy’s life is nuts. Nuts.’ I had no idea. And then when I met with him and Victoria, I was like, oh my God, they’re going to be fun. They’re going to be good. They’re going to be fun and they’re going to be difficult and it’s going to be great,” the filmmaker continued.  

And as the “Spice Up Your Life” singer told Allure, many viewers also saw the family in a different light following the documentary’s release.

Victoria brought up a recent interaction with a group of young girls at a restaurant where one of them slipped her a note that read, “‘We watched the documentary. You came across really well.’” 

She also recalled another recent encounter with an anonymous doubter-turned-fan.

“The other night, me and David drove to our country house and went to the local pub,” she said. When they got back to their car, “someone had put a note under the windscreen wiper: ‘Dear Posh and Becks, On behalf of all the British football fans, we are sorry.’ David joked, ‘We need to go out and lap this up more often.’”

Beckham also includes a story about how the Inter Miami co-owner and the Spice Girl met. 

The couple met at a soccer match in 1997 and wed two years later.

“That first time that I speak to her, I just fancied her,” David explained in the series, thinking back to before they began dating. While telling her side of their love story, Victoria shared, “The fact that I went to the games really was just to kind of… some would say stalk him.”

Has Cruz been living under a rock? Sheesh.

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