Cosmopolitan Issues a Weak Apology After Using Only Black Models to Represent 'Dying' Beauty Trends [Photo]


Cosmopolitan has issued an apology after an article made rounds across the Internet about ‘dying’ beauty trends.

The problem with the article, entitled ‘21 Beauty Trends That Need to Die in 2015‘, is that it featured Black models ONLY on their outdated looks, with the caption “R.I.P.”

After causing a firestorm of controversy on social media, Cosmo edited the article with the following apology:

A note from the editor: This article focuses on beauty trends with images that represent those trends. Some images have been taken out of context, and we apologize for any offense. Celebrating all women is our mission, and we will continue to work hard to do that.

The magazine replaced several of the photos in the offending article, but at this point the damage has been done.


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