Cory Booker and Girlfriend Rosario Dawson Aren’t Quarantining Together |

Cory Booker and Girlfriend Rosario Dawson Aren’t Quarantining Together

Sen. Cory Booker and girlfriend Rosario Dawson are choosing to spend the coronavirus pandemic apart.

“We are so many thousands of miles apart. It’s so challenging,” Dawson told Entertainment Tonight recently, adding that she’s looking after her high-risk parents.

“That was sort of the dedication during this quarantine to take care of [my dad], while [Cory] was still in D.C. working on the stimulus package.”

The “Briarpatch” actress, 40, revealed that she and Booker, 50, had planned the “longest vacation ever” this month, but had to postpone indefinitely.

“He’s been campaigning the whole year and it was just only a couple of months since we started dating. So we’ve not really had a really good chunk of time together because of our work and our family and all the other things,” she explained to the outlet.

“It ended up being what was supposed to be our longest time together, [is] now our longest period apart from each other. So, that’s definitely been really challenging.”

Booker dropped out of the presidential race in January, but when he was still campaigning in October, he discussed potentially getting engaged to Dawson, though that seems unlikely given their physical separation, which she said has no end in sight.

“We just gotta make really careful decisions about moving … Both of my parents are high risk, so I just want to do anything and everything we can in this next year or year and a half, whatever period it is, of just being as safe as possible,” Dawson, who came out as a member of the LGBTQ community in January, told ET.

“It’s hard to think about when we are going to be flying again and doing anything that was planned. Like plans, what are those? We’re just taking it every day at a time.”

Page Six exclusively reported that Dawson and Booker began dating in December 2018, though they didn’t confirm the relationship themselves until a few months later.

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