Controversial BLM Activist Shaun King Claims He's Been Kicked off Instagram over Pro-Palestine Posts |

Activist Shaun King has spoken out after Instagram banned his account “fighting for Palestine” on Christmas Day.

via: Daily Mail

King, who has repeatedly been accused of fraud and lying about his identity, shared a video on the account of Gaza photographer Wissam Nassar on Monday where he claimed he was banned from the platform for his posts on the Hamas-Israel war.

‘First and foremost – I’m safe and I’ve been through much harder times than being banned from Instagram. I’ve been through hard times. This is not hard times. Hard times is Gaza right now,’ he said.

‘What’s clear is meta, Facebook and Instagram have decided to stand in the way of those of us that are fighting for the human rights and dignity of Palestinians. I wont stand for it, I’m going to keep fighting everywhere I can.’

A spokesperson for Meta told that King’s Instagram account was suspended because ‘due to multiple instances of praise for designated entities in violation of our policies.’

King’s Facebook account was still active as of Monday morning.

The activist, known as one of the loudest voices behind the Black Lives Matter movement, had 5.6million followers on Instagram, where he fiercely criticized Israel and the US following the October 7 terrorist attacks against the Jewish nation.

He has repeatedly framed the resulting war as a genocide against Palestinians by Israel financed by the United States government.

‘Frustrated that Instagram has banned me for fighting for Palestine, and speaking up for the human rights and dignity of Palestinians, but I refuse to betray my values and principles by staying silent about this genocide and the war crimes in Gaza and the West Bank,’ he added on Monday about the social media ban.

‘You can NEVER mince words about genocide. You can never mince words about war crimes. You MUST speak truth to power every way you know how.

‘Please promise me that you will now go harder for Palestine than ever before. OK?’

King last made headlines when he was accused of lying by the family of two American hostages who he claimed he helped free from Hamas.

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