Common Admits Drake Beef was Indeed Over Serena Williams [Video]

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Once upon a time, Drake & Common had a bit of a media feud. 

Common released his song “Sweet” and a freestyle to “Stay Schemin” — both of which included shots directed towards Drake. It did seem odd that an industry vet like Common would go that route, but Drake never responded and everything died down. 

In an interview with Vlad TV, Common finally admits that it was indeed over his relationship with Serena Williams. 

He says:

For me, I think it was an emotional thing. Meaning, I was feeling like — at that time I think it was the Drake/ Serena situation — I didn’t know what was going on with that. I ain’t know if he was throwing things, shots at me.

Like you know, this is my ex and you know we’re kinda going our separate ways. Unfortunately the war might have been over a girl, even though at the time I never said that. But it wasn’t totally that, it was more or less,  ‘Do you respect me? Because I actually like you as an artist…’ 

He goes on to say that they’re at peace now after having a face-to-face conversation and working it all out.

Watch the clip to see what else he had to say. 

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