Colin Kaepernick Did NOT Say He Would Stand for the National Anthem If Hired by the NFL, AP Retracts Report

Earlier today, the Associated Press reported that Colin Kaepernick told CBS journalist Jason La Canfora that he would stand during the national anthem if he got the chance to play in the NFL again.

That never happened. Colin never said that.

After the report made headlines, Jason took to Twitter to clarify his remarks — admitting that he never even spoke to Colin about standing/kneeling for anything.

The AP has since deleted their tweet reporting the false information and has issued a clarification.

via AP:

Jason La Canfora said in a series of tweets on Sunday that he was relaying previous reporting about Kaepernick and did not ask whether the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback would sit or stand during the anthem.

The reversal came after anchor James Brown asked La Canfora on “The NFL Today”: “And kneeling, he said?”

La Canfora responded: “He’s not planning on kneeling. He’s going to donate all his jersey sales and he’s planning on standing for the anthem if given the opportunity, J.B.”

La Canfora tweeted later that he does not know what Kaepernick would do during the anthem.

Relying on unnamed sources, ESPN reported in March that Kaepernick would stand during the anthem if he played again. But Kaepernick has not spoken publicly about what he would do.

Wow. Jason decided to freestyle on the American people to make headlines. Shameful.


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