Colin Kaepernick Calls Out NFL for Running Social Justice Propaganda While Still Blackballing Eric Reid

Colin Kaepernick took to Twitter to call out the NFL for engaging in social justice ‘propaganda’  — all while actively blackballing his former 49ers teammate Eric Reid.

via Complex:

In his tweet, Kaepernick cites a Deadspin article titled “The NFL is Blackballing Eric Reid, too,” which mentions that, despite being ranked by ESPN in late March as one of the best remaining free agents in the league, Reid hasn’t been signed by a team. 

The piece argues that there’s still a case to be made for Reid to land on, at least, three teams, given their clear need to address the safety position, which leads one to believe that he remains available for the same reason Kaepernick did.  

Well…he’s not lying.

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