Coachella Hit with Over $100,000 in Fines for Breaking Curfew

All three days of the first weekend of this year’s event overran, according to a representative for the city of Indio.

via: Pitchfork

The festival was supposed to wrap up by midnight Pacific on Sunday night, but Frank Ocean’s headlining set went over by roughly 25 minutes. Additionally, Coachella also broke the 1:00 a.m. Pacific curfew on Friday and Saturday by 25 minutes and 22 minutes, respectively.

The fines are part of an agreement between the city of Indio and Goldenvoice that took effect back in 2013. In that document, it outlines that going five minutes past curfew will result in a daily fine of $20,000. Every minute after that costs $1,000 per minute. The fines go towards Indio’s General Fund, which is used for operating costs, public works, and the police and fire departments.

Ocean’s headlining set on Sunday began nearly an hour later than scheduled. The reclusive Blonde singer performed reworked versions of songs from his catalog, deep cuts, and a few covers. Stemming from the main stage was a catwalk and circular platform at its end, but Ocean stayed on the main stage, primarily singing atop a stool and walking back to mingle with his live band. After the fact, sources indicated that Ocean injured his ankle earlier in the week and was ordered by doctors to modify his stage production.

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