CNN Host Chris Cuomo Blasted for Joking He's ‘Black on the Inside’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo is getting dragged on social media for being “f—ing offensive” after making a joke saying he’s “black on the inside.”

via NYP:

The 50-year-old brother of embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was quickly roasted after a clip was shared Friday showing him hand over to CNN colleague Don Lemon by singing the theme to 1970s’ TV show “Good Times.”

Laughing awkwardly with his eyes lowered, Lemon asked his fellow host how he knew the words to the series about a black family living in a public housing project in Chicago.

“You know I’m black on the inside,” Cuomo responded.

While Lemon appeared to skip the comment, it was quickly picked up on the Twitterverse.

“It’s f–ing offensive,” tweeted Sister2Sister magazine managing editor Aisha Staggers, who said that “Black is not a costume.”

Many commentators compared Cuomo to his politician brother — who has faced repeated calls to resign amid sexual harassment allegations — with one asking if they were “competing for s–tiest Cuomo.”

Another ripped the TV host as a “spoilt, entitled guy raised in money and privilege, who is only on tv because of his surname.”

Rev. Mary Dande said she “had to turn off the television because I’m not here for that nonsense.”

“CNN needs to have some sensitivity training with their on-air personalities,” she tweeted.

Others insisted the exchange was “hilarious” and not worthy of the anger it sparked.

Others, meanwhile, joked that commentators were misreading what he meant by being “black on the inside.”

“Maybe his heart,” @docsamson829 joked.

We’re sure he didn’t mean anything by it, but it’s 2021 — those jokes just don’t fly anymore.

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