CMT Host Cody Alan Says Beyoncé More Than Welcome on Country Music Scene |

CMT Host Cody Alan Says Beyoncé More Than Welcome on Country Music Scene

Cody Alan, the popular host of CMT and SiriusXM’s “Highway Mornings,” is expressing his excitement about the possibility of Beyoncé venturing into the country music genre. The news of Beyoncé’s surprise release of two singles, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages,” from her upcoming “Renaissance Act II” album has sparked widespread enthusiasm among fans. Cody Alan is particularly thrilled about the prospect of the renowned pop and R&B icon exploring the country music scene.

Speaking with TMZ, Alan tells the outlet he’s all for the pop/R&B icon opening the Beyhive to a new genre with Super Sunday surprise drop of “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” … 2 singles on her upcoming “Renaissance Act II” album.

Cody says having someone as big as Beyoncé shine the spotlight on country music is a big deal — and he’s totally embracing it.

A turn to country appears to be a bit of a trend recently as Cody reminds us of the success rapper Jelly Roll has had going back to his country roots — and while Cody isn’t certain Queen Bey’s country foray will translate to the masses, he thinks it super cool she’s even giving it a go.

Alan also notes that the music biz usually categorizes artists — but it’s a genius move on Beyoncé’s end to step out of the box ’cause that’s usually where the best music is found.

Good music is good music at the end of the day, according to Alan — but he’s adamant that Beyoncé kickin’ it in cowboy boots will have the Beyhive buzzin’ to new heights.

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