Cleveland Murder Suspect Steve Stephens Is Still On the Run, Search Has Expanded to Five Additional States

Steve Stephens, the murderer who shot and killed a man in a video that was broadcast on Facebook, is still on the run.

The police have no idea where he is.

via NYDN:

“Quite frankly, at this point he could be in a lot of places,” FBI special agent in charge Stephen Anthony said Monday during the search for Steve Stephens.

He said Stephens was armed and dangerous, and the public must remain vigilant.

The hunt for Stephens has spanned five states — Ohio, New York, Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania — since he filmed himself shooting Robert Godwin Sr., an apparent stranger who crossed his path.

Stephens then went on Facebook Live and blamed the bloodshed on a lover. He also claimed to have killed 13 people, something authorities did not verify.

Police had been in touch with Stephens soon after the murder, but since then have had no communication and no clear idea of his whereabouts.

“We don’t know where he’s at,” Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said, noting that the last place police located him was the scene of the crime. 

Before the shooting, Stephens had no criminal record and only traffic violations, Williams said.

Stay alert, love muffins.

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