Clermont Twins Blast Kodak Black for Using Look-a-Likes in 'Feelin' Peachy' Video

The Clermont Twins, aka Shannon and Shannade Clermont, called out rapper Kodak Black for using two models who look just like them in his new video.

via Complex:

In the video for Black’s latest single, “Feelin Peachy” there are two nearly identical women with platinum blonde hair and other features that resemble The Clermont Twins. After catching wind of the imposters, the twins took to Instagram where they called the entire scenario “weird.”

“Nah whew lmao if we wasn’t in the budget just say that,” they wrote on Instagram with pictures that show the resemblance between themselves and the models in Black’s video. “It’s getting weird,” they added. “What you bought vs. what you get. Or is it what you want vs. what you can afford?”

“Feelin Peachy” is featured on Kodak Black’s new EP, Happy Birthday Kodak. As the title suggests, the four-song project celebrates Kodak’s 24th birthday.

The thing people don’t realize when they start buying hips, lips, butts, and wigs — anyone else can buy them too. Are your “looks” really your looks if you got them off the rack?


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