Ciara's Maternity Shoot for 'Harper's Bazaar' Is Simply STUNNING [Photos]

Ciara did a gorgeous pregnancy shoot for Harper’s Bazaar and we honestly could not be happier for her.

In the mag, she opens up about her relationship with Russell, the constant chatter surrounding her previous relationship, her pregnancy (duh) and more.

Check out a few excerpts:

When talking about Wilson, Ciara’s elocution is dotted with ellipses and hyperbole. Their relationship is, “even greater… just… so… amazing… awesome… It really is.” One of the greatest things about Russell, Ciara shares, is how he supports her: “When you know they’re going to be your champion, always in the corner…” I joke that her quarterback is a cheerleader, and she agrees. It’s too rare to have straight men back us up, I say. “If someone’s not supporting you and your vision and your dreams,” Ciara agrees, “—whether it’s your relationship partner, your friend, whomever, then you’ve got to make sure to keep it moving. If people aren’t lifting you up, even if you’re the strongest person in the world, eventually it does chip away at you. You don’t even realize that you’re losing yourself. And that’s the scariest place to be in life… I don’t want to lose myself. I love myself too much. I love life too much.”


In a culture that attempts to incite competition among women—manufacturing internet feuds between celebrities like Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Ciara—she’s learned to stay above the fray. Attentive and real, she displays a low-key wisdom and grace. Of our chaotic political climate, she says, “the world’s actually coming together—we’re more socially engaged than ever before.” She advocates for prayer and silence, “because when you’re still, you can hear a lot, see a lot.” Ciara doesn’t take the bait when online trolls try to pit female artists against each other. (Twitter haters recently went so far as to try and start a pregnancy-off between her an Beyoncé.) Ciara says she and fellow artists mount a unified defense. “There’s this unspoken word: love. When you meet successful powerful women, you show each other love, because it is a tough environment.”

Ciara has a house in the neighborhood, and when I ask where she lives, she makes a fair bid for privacy. “I don’t like to say where,” she says, “But yes, we are very blessed to be able to have a few places to stay.” One of those homes is in Seattle, which Ciara loves for its normalcy. “I can wear my sweatpants to the grocery store,” she explains, “and I’m not gonna have to worry about somebody that’s going to snap me looking tore up from the floor up.”

Having that normalcy is vital, because besides the new album, this period of her life is all about family, she says. “I’m just super excited about this time in my life. Like, Oh my gosh, I can see my son running around, and soon it’s going to be two of these creatures running around! Our hands will be full of non-stop action.”

Now that you’ve made it through that, take a look at a few of the gorgeous shots that accompany the interview.


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