Ciara and Russell Wilson Announce Plans to Bring MLB Team to Portland

Ciara and Russell Wilson are on a mission to bring a new MLB team to the city of Portland.

Russel made the announcement on Twitter:

via Complex:

“MLB to Portland! Let’s Go!!! @Ciara & I are pumped to be Owners, Investors, and Partners in bringing @MLB to Rip City!” read his tweet with a link to a lengthy letter by him to explain their latest money move. In the letter, Wilson revealed he and Ciara will be part owners of the Portland Diamond Project, an effort to bring Major League Baseball to Portland. He also spoke about his personal memories of going to the baseball field and hoping to bring Baby Future there as well.

Ciara also shared a message of her own to announce the move and added a historic bit to the news.

“I am thrilled at the opportunity to be one of only a few African American women to have ownership in an MLB franchise,” she said. “As a young girl growing up in Atlanta, I was a tomboy who ran track and worked the hot dog stand at Turner Field and now I get to watch Future fall in love with T-Ball. My dream is to empower more females in ownership of major sports franchises and open more doors for Sienna and all girls everywhere.”

It’s been eight years since Portland had a professional baseball team. There have been various teams in the city since 1901, most notably the Portland Beavers, which is the longest-running team. Now, Portland might be able to cheer on another MLB team in the near future.

This is great and all — but we’re wondering if Ciara will announce a new album at some point.

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