Chris Tucker Hit With Lawsuit Over Massive Tax Debt

Funnyman Chris Tucker has been hit with a massive tax lawsuit over an alleged $9.6 million debt.

via: Radar Online

According to court documents obtained by Radar, recently, the Rush Hour actor was hit with a federal tax lien by the IRS.

The document states Tucker failed to pay them $253,698 for the year 2019. The massive tax bill is interesting given the comedian didn’t have a bunch of projects that went down during the 12-month period.

Regardless, the lien is on top of the $9.2 million Tucker already owes the government. As Radar first reported, on June 4, the IRS accused him of failing to pay taxes for multiple years.

The breakdown of the debt was listed as $4,489,647.01 for 2002, $2,124,082.86 for 2006, $2,341,269.29 for 2008 and $468,598 for 2010.

The grand total of the lien came to $9,423,597. When you add in the extra $253k, the new total comes out to a whopping $9,677,295.

The actor has a long history of financial problems. It all started after he signed a $40-million deal with New Line to star in the Rush House sequels.

Back in 2011, he was sued for foreclosure of his Florida home after being accused of defaulting on the mortgage. Tucker ended up losing the home in the suit.

Around the same time, the IRS accused Tucker of owing $11 million in back taxes. In 2013, Tucker paid off $1 million owed to the State of Georgia but didn’t make a dent in the IRS bill.

Tucker started to make a comeback in 2012 when he had a small role in Bradley Cooper’s film Silver Linings Playbook.

Tucker followed up the gig with a 2015 Netflix comedy special. He continues to tour occasionally but doesn’t have any big films lined up.

The news falls amid rumors suggesting Chris is planning to reteam with Jackie Chan for a fourth “Rush Hour” blockbuster, which could wipe away his debt. The last “Rush Hour” film was released in 2007.

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