Chris Brown Recalls Unnamed Rapper Terrorizing Club With ‘Finger in My Booty’ Rant, Receipts Point to Kanye |

Chris Brown Recalls Unnamed Rapper Terrorizing Club With ‘Finger in My Booty’ Rant, Receipts Point to Kanye

Chris Brown has detailed a wild night in a club that involved somebody talking about ‘fingers in their booty.’

For the 100th episode of the R&B Money Podcast, the 34-year-old was asked to participate in a segment called “I Ain’t Saying No Names” where the singer would recall a story that’s “funny or fucked up” on the condition of not revealing who the story is about.

The “No Guidance” singer recalled the night a “huge artist” wanted to go to the club with Brown and some friends.

“There was this artist and [they] wanted to go out to the club with us … Huge artist. I’m like, ‘Alright, cool. Meet me at the crib, we gonna go to the club.’ It’s N***a Night, it’s turn-up night. [There’s] gonna be another artist in there performing, and that artist’s song was the number one song in the country,” he said at the 1:21:22 mark above.

“We get in the club, I make sure we got the whole section full of women. The person there, [he’s] looking around. The song come on, the other artist is onstage, starts singing the song, the whole building erupt. I’m talking about erupts. Everybody. Girls in our section, they going crazy,” he continued. “I look over to this person…not a smirk, not a head nod. Nothing.”

Brown turned back to look at his unnamed guest moments later only to find them missing from the section.

“I look up, the n***a is on the DJ booth right next to the artist that’s doing the song, and he just like this,” Brown said, as he nodded his head rhythmically with a blank expression.

“When the song goes off, the n***a takes the mic. … So I’m thinking this artist is about to do some songs. I’m like, ‘OK, he got the itch.’ Some artists can’t take it, you know, they self centered though, they got main character syndrome.”

Brown earnestly thought that the unnamed artist was about to perform one of his songs to turn things up a notch. He couldn’t have been more wrong, and things took a turn for the worse.

“The n***a goes on a 45-minute rant. I’m talking about talking, I’m talking about saying all of everything about nothing. It’s so disappointing. When I was in there I started looking around. The club [went from] being a ‘Yeah, everybody turning up, maybe we holler at some girls, what’s up’—it went from that to looking like the waiting room in hell.”

The singer said that patrons inside the club “turned into psychopath people” and that he just wanted the music to come back on. He then retreated into a secret resting area downstairs to chill and smoke, believing the unnamed artist would eventually pipe down so he could come back up.

After about 20 or 30 minutes, Brown came back upstairs to discover that the unnamed artist “took over the club” and that most of the girls in his section were gone.

“The last thing I hear, ‘Such and such ain’t stick their finger in my booty. I don’t even play that way,’” said Brown. “I said, ‘Yeah, I’m out this motherfucker.’”

From there, Brown scolded their mutual friend and told him to get the artist together before he left the club altogether. “And I left the club. I ain’t answer no phone calls. I’m going home. I ain’t gonna say no name,” he concluded.

Although Chris Brown stuck to his word and did not name the artist, some observant X users are connecting the dots and pointing to an exhausting 2016 rant from the artist formerly known as Kanye West. Onstage with him at the time was Yo Gotti, who did in fact have a No. 1 hit with “Down in the DM.”

The unnamed artist denying having “fingers in my booty” also points to Kanye. Back in 2016, Kanye’s ex Amber Rose responded to a Kanye rant by infamously tweeting the hashtag #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch.

Brown was featured on Kanye’s album The Life of Pablo in 2016, he also made contributions to Donda in 2021 and Vultures 1 this year.

via: Complex

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