Are Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Planning to Get Married? [Video]


As of right this moment, Chris Brown and Karrueche are together — but it’s possible that by the time we’re finished posting this they will have split up…again.

It was just last week they deleted all traces of each other from their individual Instagram accounts, but two days later they were back cozied up in the studio.

If you remember, back while Chris was in jail rumors surfaced of a Chris/Karrueche engagement, but as expected noting really came of it. During one of the many BET Awards festivities, Karrueche spoke with CNikky candidly about how she was affected by Chris’ jail stay and whether or not wedding bells are in their future.

She says:

“I mean, it was hard.  I had lonely nights! I was by myself,” Karrueche admitted.  “And I’ve never been in a relationship with somebody that was in jail so just the communication and all that was tough.  But, I’m happy that he’s home and you know he’s back working on himself and I’m in a place where I’m working on myself and were just in a better more mature relationship.”

As far as marriage to Chris is concerned,

“Oh…girl..I don’t know about that!  Ha! Ha! I don’t know if he’s ready!”

Check out the clip below! 

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