Chris Bosh's Mother Arrested, Allegedly Exploited Disabled Man to Run a Drug Ring [Photo]

Chris Bosh’s mother, Frieda Bosh, has been arrested for allegedly using a disabled man for ‘drug distribution activities.’

As we told you a few weeks ago, the home in Texas where Frieda lives was raided by law enforcement because cops say a drug trafficking operation was being run out of the home.

The home is owned by Frieda’s son, NBA baller Chris Bosh. Frieda says he’s been trying to evict her for a while.

In addition to arresting Frieda, they’ve also arrested Johnathan Brown — another man living in the home — for forcing a disabled man to use his disability check to pay their rent.


Officials say Jonathan Brown was running the drug ring while Frieda “allowed this to occur as a means of obtaining free narcotics and marijuana from Brown, while also allowing narcotics and marijuana to be distributed from the offense location.”

Frieda previously denied any drug dealing, but we knew then that something wasn’t up. 

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