Carlee Russell Admits She Lied About Being Kidnapped, Says There Was No Toddler and Apologizes to the Community [Video]

Carlee Russell is admitting to her lies.

In a shocking statement from Carlee’s attorney, she admits that she was never missing at all and that there was never a child walking along the side of the road.

via CBS:

During a press conference Monday afternoon, Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis read a statement from Emory Anthony, Russell’s attorney, claiming that the 25-year-old woman was not abducted as she and her family had previously report, as well as not seen a child walking along I-459 the night she disappeared.

On July 13, Russell called police to report allegedly seeing a toddler walking along I-459 near Hoover. However, police responding to the scene found Russell’s car, but not her. On July 15, Russell was found after safely walking home.

After being found, Russell’s family claimed that she had been abducted. In her statement to police, Russell alleged that she had been taken by an unidentified man while trying to find the alleged toddler along the side of the interstate. According to police, Russell claimed to have escaped while being taken in a car the next day.

Timeline of Carlee Russell’s disappearance, return and the ongoing investigation into what happened to her

In the days since being found, there was speculation as to the circumstances surrounding Russell’s disappearance.

During a press conference on July 19, Derzis questioned several aspects of the case, such as Russell’s past text messages leading up to her disappearance, as well as claiming to have followed the child for hundreds of yards along the interstate.

Derzis said police would be meeting with Anthony and that charges would be announced when and if they were filed.

Despite ongoing questions in the case, Russell’s family maintained that she was abducted, telling the “Today” show last week that whoever took her was still out there. Police have since said they believe there is no threat to the community.

Derzis ended the press conference by saying that Russell’s admission would not alter their ongoing investigation into her whereabouts the night she claimed to have been kidnapped.

Wow. Listen to the statement in full below:

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