Cardi B Thrown Mic’s $100k Sale Falls Through

In late July, Cardi B made headlines when a fan threw water at her while she performed at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas, causing her to retaliate by angrily hurling her microphone at the water-thrower in retaliation.

It was subsequently revealed that the actual microphone was recovered by the company that owns it, and was being auctioned off for charity.

When the seven-day auction ran its course, the $1,000 microphone far exceeded its $500 starting bid, selling for a staggering $99,990.

According to TMZ, the winning bidder didn’t pay up.

Scott Fisher, the mic owner running the auction, tells TMZ … unfortunately, his suspicions came true and the winning bidder failed to pay for Cardi’s mic.

We’re told the person who placed the winning bid had 48 hours to fork over the cash, but didn’t respond to multiple messages … so Scott still has the mic. The proceeds from the auction were supposed to benefit charity, and Scott says he’s exploring his options … including sending a purchase offer to the second-highest bidder.

LM Cases, a case company in Ohio, heard about the story and hooked him up with a mic case for whoever ends up with it.

Scott says if the other top bidder doesn’t end up buying the mic, he’s considering selling it privately.

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